Information technology is a continuously developing environment that is vital to the success and growth of any company. The majority of small to medium organizations in the US spend only 4% of their costs on IT – but is this adequate to keep their IT infrastructure up to date and in line with the digital era?

Unfortunately, companies have encountered a problem where their IT setup is poorly designed and unable to cope with the requirements of the digital age. This can create a lot of difficulties for the enterprise, like expensive outages, incapacity to expand, and inadequate protection.

For your enterprise to be successful in today’s modern digital world, it is vital to identify and tackle these problems before they become serious.

Unreliable data backups

Having an insufficient plan in place for backing up data can be serious. If a disaster occurs, the data may potentially be gone, which can result in productivity time being lost, frustration among employees, and very likely a costly data recovery.

When designing an IT setup, selecting hardware and software that offers dependable data backup is key. Examples of this would include external hard drives, network-attached storage (NAS devices), and Microsoft Office 365 with its ability to back up data periodically. Furthermore, it is essential to assess the backup system regularly.

Poor user experience

When the IT infrastructure is not optimally designed, it may cause problems like high latency and unreliable network connections, leading to poor user experience. This then leads to a rise in employee discontent, a lack of cohesion among workers, and a decline in productivity.

In the process of IT planning, one should bear in mind any possible issues that could arise. Connection difficulties, be it wired or wireless, can be solved by selecting the proper hardware. Additionally, the software selected must be suited to the hardware to ensure the best user experience.

Legacy IT systems are overburdened

Legacy systems are not always able to cope with the addition of new technology, such as cloud computing, cybersecurity applications, and automation.

When creating your IT infrastructure, it is essential to put thought into making sure it is capable of adapting to new technologies. This may entail selecting software that is either able to integrate with the latest advancements or suit the particular requirements of your organization.

Reduced productivity

Productivity is heavily affected by slow networks and devices, incompatible technology, and hardware and software that are outmoded. Employees wasting time for programs to launch or store is a misuse of their time and hinders their capability to work from remote locations.

It is necessary to create an IT atmosphere that is easy to use and productive. This may necessitate providing employees with recurring training opportunities so they can voice any difficulties they encounter or become familiar with the tools your business utilizes.

Your ideal IT environment starts with the experts

Having a well-designed IT environment will allow your employees to be productive and content with the technology that meets their and the company’s requirements. The IT consultants at ScribNet can assist you in procuring the appropriate IT solutions, ensuring your business can avoid the pitfalls of a badly designed IT environment and thrive in the digital age.